Hello lovely people. We all are still finding the right stuff in our wardrobe which makes our styling more prominent to our occasions in which we desire to come into the limelight. What’s that prevalent attire which an individual can wear and spark his casual outfit ? I got something for you my loved ones! Introducing Back Sneaker head printed navy blue coloured shirt by FIGHTING FAME.

This impressive shirt have a long bottom length which alter it into a unique design, two front pockets as well as ”SNEAKER HEAD” print on back side of the shirt adds up an allurement to it’s street style, and it’s fabby fittng gives the final touches. This shirt is made up of 100% cotton material. I’ve styled this shirt from “FIGHTING FAME” in a street style by layering it on a thumb-hole t-shirt and adding white jeans as bottoms. The necklace and blue casual shoes meet up with the desired accomplishment of  my street style look.





Primarily for what purpose the joggers meant by us :

  • To ease your comfort level all over.
  • It takes to the trendy fashion styling.
  • Highlight our apex footwear.
  • Goes up with the street style and sporty look at a time.
  • Relevant to style up with the casual look.
  • Meanwhile used as an alternative of jeans in bottom wear.

That’s the reason we go for a joggers in a quick pick. I’ve got something very relevant to these reasons. XXX patterned pink jogger from “FIGHTING FAME” fetched my attention to it’s soft cotton material, flawless pastel pink colour and XXX embroidered pattern. This aspects turn this jogger from boring into sporty as well as casuals fits. Stretchable material pump it to use this as sports wear and Narrow ankle fitting even XXX pattern clears out the definition of a casual jogger. I’ve styled this multipurpose joggers in a sporty look. Black Polo T-Shirt, black baseball cap, XXX Patterned joggers, Black sport shoes finish my whole sporty look.

Hope you got some styling reference and a reliable review from this blog. See you in the next one.















Vitrag Mehta.




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