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Hello TSDFAM, How you guys are doing? Well these days I was so much stucked into my branding part that I was unable to make time and write blogs for you guys as well as for me as it’s the thing that i love to do ! 🙂 Apologies for that. But now I am back and we will stay connected for sure.

Jumping to this blog, I thought to try something new which I haven’t. So I pulled off a cordrouy pant with a bohemian printed shirt. This shirt feels very breezy as well as classy at the same time so that you can also try it with a jacket, overshirt or just like that in summers. Also to let you know that this shirt is from my own apparel brand and i am really excited to see you guys in this super breathable shirt this summers. And as always i have accessorized myself with some jewellery and carried black sneakers in the bottom to complete my whole look. Let me know how much you liked this outfit in the comment section. See you in the next blog guys. Stay Fashionable and keep spreading love. ! 🙂

Shirt From – The Style Dweller Clothing

Sneakers from – Doc Martin

Cordrouy pant from – Shein Men

Black Bandanna

Hello, my loved ones. I have been going quite busy these days as I am working on my menswear apparel label. I would be sharing with you some more information about it very soon. Coming to today’s blog, have you ever style bandanna with your black outing look? If the answer is yes surely send me your outfit picture over Instagram dm at and if no then let’s give a try to this look. I have styled a black printed half sleeve shirt with white distressed denim and to maintain the class black tassel loafers. Also as I always say don’t forget to accessorize yourself with a bit of jewelry and watch of course How did you find it? Try it and let me know. See you in the next blog guys till then stay stylish.

Blue over Blue – ft. Shein


Hello TSD fam, first of all a very Happy Diwali and may you have a prosperous year ahead. This
festive season had caught me up with creating a lot of content for you guys and not to forget all the
plans regarding our holidays! While talking about holidays, I thought of giving you some suggestions
regarding how to style up your airport look. When it comes to travelling, my secret mantra of styling is to make sure that my clothes are all
comfortable and casual enough. Comfortable, because you never know how long the journey is and
casual because that’s what defines my personality.

Starting from lowers, of course casual pants and tracks are way cool to slay the look but ever heard
of denims being the most comfortable amongst others? If not, then let me tell you, I decided to wear
denim for my airport look and none but the Shein Men Collection helped me pick this amazing Loose
fit Harlem Jeans. The denim material is being all smooth and the loose fit is perfectly solacing for the
travel. The fabric has no stretch and the best part is that the trendy ripped pattern and the casual
look is entirely defining my style.

While coming to the styling of shirts and t-shirts, I have tried something in order to team
up the look with my favourite denim jeans. The olive green colour is such a subtle shade and I am
wearing a tank of the same colour. Also to complement the blue denims i though to put on this dark blue casual
shirt. Of course you can wear t-shirts, but to be the odd one out you got to create your own style,
you need to get out of your comfort zone and so I have paired these two which are
thoroughly harmonizing with each other.

I am not really satisfied with my plain look and so to add up some charm to my look, I am wearing
one of my favourite wrist watch, bracelet and a locket chain round the neck. Also regarding which
bag to carry, I would recommend to get on with the duffle bags or travelling bags as they are so easy and convenient to carry while travelling.
Not to forget the most quirky part of the look, those dark red shoes which are being all comfy to
my feet and totally enhancing my Airport Look.

Hope you like this suggestion of mine on airport look ! See you in the next blog very soon ! 🙂

Love You TSDFAM.


Vitrag Mehta.


In asssociation with: Shein Men Collection.


The Bright Stripe – FT. SHEIN



Hello TSD fam, a big thank you to each and everyone of you for all your patience, love and support
throughout these days. I know I had been unavailable here for a long time, but now I am back with a
boom and all set to gear up to give you the best content and styling mantras.

We all have been into running errands and almost forget or maybe give up on our casual looks, but
no matter what place you are at your attire somehow defines you and that is what lately I have been
working on. I have come up with this oh! so cool, streetstyle casuals which are definitely going to
make those heads turn for once.
The days are bright enough this season and to co-ordinate with it, I have chosen this totally eye
catchy yellow and black striped t-shirt from Shein Men Collection. The regular fit and cotton material
has given me the best comfort ever. Also I love these black stripes that are giving some really quirky vibe.
The round neck and half sleeve has definitely made it easier to bear the outside temperature.

To give myself the best easy going look, I have styled striped t-shirt by carrying a black long sleeves t-shirt
under it which is definitely balancing the subtlety and bright vibes of the t-shirt. Also, what else is
comfortable than your all time favourite denims in the casual mood? Pairing the upper apparel with
these blue denim jeans is perfectly completing the look and giving us some major streetstyle outfit

No matter how well you dress, your footwear should definitely grab the attention as of how well you
have settled the look and in my case if it comes to a streetstyle then sport shoes are the best
match. These black sport shoes are defining the look in every way.

Of course to outright your style, you got to add some accessories and the whole idea of street style
couldn’t get any cooler without the bandana and cap. Not to forget you can always add some
bracelet and yes, the cool eye wear to mention your style statement.
Now, all I know is when you are up for a casual hangout or maybe just
to walk around with your group, you would be definitely carrying your style and would be giving all that fashion of streetstyle aura
around you.

Keep Loving, Keep Styling.


Wardrobe Courtesy:
Striped Tshirt: Shein Men
Full Sleeves T-shirt: Fugazee
Denim Jeans: Locomotive
Shoes: Puma


Hello amazing people, I am up with another interesting styling tip for the upcoming Autumn/Winter season, 2018. It’s my personal favorite one. It’s all breezy, bright and brisky. Everything is so soothing at this time of the year, and so your fashion statement must be, because the way you carry your personality definitely matters, and styling is one of those traits.
Everyone out there is hustling with their work and so I have curated this semi-formal look for those mates who are in action routine. No matter how much I love layering but this time I’ve come up with a bit fusion. While the surroundings are blazing and beaming, I have come across these neutral shades so as to emphasize the look. I am quite inspired by the colors this season throws and to give these colors a perfect contrast I have chosen this black full sleeves t-shirt being the darkest shade and giving the opulent tinge teamed up with this grey cotton pants where grey is being the faultless complexion.
The t-shirt being 100% of squashy cotton which no doubt is giving a super cozy vibe to me and not to forget the grey slub print that is so in rage, the subtle pocket and thumb hole sleeves of this t-shirt are utterly quirky. Meanwhile that grey formal pant is breathable and perfect choice to wear on day to day work hours. To deviate attention from black and grey, the coffee colored stretchable waist belt, loafers, and superior timepiece are perfectly harmonizing the look.
And yes ! That unforgettable black scarf, the one which is giving us a perfect segment of semi formal layer to the look as well as rescuing from getting froze. An ordinary bag would have been boring, but a black leather bag is giving all the prolific vibes and can be concluded as to be the head turner at your office. Undoubtedly you must opt it.
Vitrag Mehta.
• Thumb-hole Slub Printed Black T-shirt : By Fugazeeinc.
• Grey pant: Tailor stitched.
• Coffee coloured Loafers: From a random Shoe store of surat.
• Black Scarf: From a random accessory store of surat.
• Coffee coloured stretchable Belt: From a random accessory store of surat.
• Black Leather Bag: Random Bag store of surat.
• Brown straped timepiece: Tagheuer.
• Dark green coloured Eye-wear:  Random optical store of surat.



Hey handsome hunks, I am back here with another blog post. While guiding you towards the right fashion and trends, I totally caught up with what should be the next blog that shall keep you up with the trending style ?

So, I came up with my new favourite look these days i.e, shirt on shirt. It’s neither too windy here nor too hot, so these shirts are so on to go.



Look No. 1 :-

Plain on checks  : Checks can be paired up with anything and everything but when it comes to pairing them up with denims, you gotta choose the right shade ! And this blue checks shirt wouldn’t be that appealing on blue denims until something was added to the look, and just to complete the look and make it all trendy, I have added an Olive green shirt and not only did the shade looked soothing but also it complemented  the overall look. And just so that you don’t miss to carry the look in a little more charming way, do not forget our forever favourite white sneakers !


Look No. 2 :-

Checks on Checks: Okay, so now you know I am completely in love with checks these days. Checks on plain was one good combination but ever thought of checks on checks? Don’t you think this combination of styling the identical pattern will gain the attention of all the eyes in that room? The blue print in the pink checks shirt is perfectly going hand in hand with the blue checks one, isn’t it? The oversized white vest is ideally giving contrast to the look. And pairing the shirts with our go to denim jeans along with white sneakers are concluding the look. Not to forget about the no show socks! Also to enhance the look, I am wearing one of my favourite neck piece, a pair of bracelet and a leather bag to give a casual yet chic look.

So, now when you guys are in doubt as to with what new can you come up with in your apparels, you very well know to style up this binary shirt style and you are set to rock !


Thank You for your unconditional love and support !

See you in the next post, till then “Stay Stylish” and “Be Yourself”.



Wardrobe Courtesy:

  • Olive Green Shirt : VOI JEANS
  • Denim: VOI JEANS
  • White Sneakers: DOC MARTIN SHOES
  • Oversized White Vest: Local Store of Surat
  • Blue Checked Shirt: Local Store of Surat


Hello my loved ones,
Yes, i love windy summers. The smoothness of beach’s sand, the sparkling sun, the lazy holidays, and interactions with you all
Well, the best part of these days for me is that  I love to perform also, what I love the most about summer’s is that I get to style myself with a proper summer look. You know the pastels and relaxed fit apparels used to be the most convenient outfit option for me, But to measure this summer dates i need something real slim dapper edge which always make me shine like a summer sun even after sun down.
Okay wait ! i have a super charming timepiece to set up my summer look with mere excellence. Introducing Daniel Wellington’s Dapper Durham Collection. Sounds sheer luxury, isn’t it. ? It’s a pure white egg shelled dial, with a touch of  roman numbers in it that adds up a vintage touch to it’s class. Blue hands with a crystal clear glass which covers up also protects it’s exclusive dial piece. The most shiny part showcased of this edge is via. it’s rose gold coloured bezel and lugs. This is the prime affluence which is curated with all preciseness and expertise. Additionally, i loved the date showing function and the glossy rose gold coloured buckle which adds extra charm to it. I would absolutely recommend this super engrossing timepiece for your windy summers.




Hello lovely people. We all are still finding the right stuff in our wardrobe which makes our styling more prominent to our occasions in which we desire to come into the limelight. What’s that prevalent attire which an individual can wear and spark his casual outfit ? I got something for you my loved ones! Introducing Back Sneaker head printed navy blue coloured shirt by FIGHTING FAME.

This impressive shirt have a long bottom length which alter it into a unique design, two front pockets as well as ”SNEAKER HEAD” print on back side of the shirt adds up an allurement to it’s street style, and it’s fabby fittng gives the final touches. This shirt is made up of 100% cotton material. I’ve styled this shirt from “FIGHTING FAME” in a street style by layering it on a thumb-hole t-shirt and adding white jeans as bottoms. The necklace and blue casual shoes meet up with the desired accomplishment of  my street style look.





Primarily for what purpose the joggers meant by us :

  • To ease your comfort level all over.
  • It takes to the trendy fashion styling.
  • Highlight our apex footwear.
  • Goes up with the street style and sporty look at a time.
  • Relevant to style up with the casual look.
  • Meanwhile used as an alternative of jeans in bottom wear.

That’s the reason we go for a joggers in a quick pick. I’ve got something very relevant to these reasons. XXX patterned pink jogger from “FIGHTING FAME” fetched my attention to it’s soft cotton material, flawless pastel pink colour and XXX embroidered pattern. This aspects turn this jogger from boring into sporty as well as casuals fits. Stretchable material pump it to use this as sports wear and Narrow ankle fitting even XXX pattern clears out the definition of a casual jogger. I’ve styled this multipurpose joggers in a sporty look. Black Polo T-Shirt, black baseball cap, XXX Patterned joggers, Black sport shoes finish my whole sporty look.

Hope you got some styling reference and a reliable review from this blog. See you in the next one.















Vitrag Mehta.