Hey handsome hunks, I am back here with another blog post. While guiding you towards the right fashion and trends, I totally caught up with what should be the next blog that shall keep you up with the trending style ?

So, I came up with my new favourite look these days i.e, shirt on shirt. It’s neither too windy here nor too hot, so these shirts are so on to go.



Look No. 1 :-

Plain on checks  : Checks can be paired up with anything and everything but when it comes to pairing them up with denims, you gotta choose the right shade ! And this blue checks shirt wouldn’t be that appealing on blue denims until something was added to the look, and just to complete the look and make it all trendy, I have added an Olive green shirt and not only did the shade looked soothing but also it complemented  the overall look. And just so that you don’t miss to carry the look in a little more charming way, do not forget our forever favourite white sneakers !


Look No. 2 :-

Checks on Checks: Okay, so now you know I am completely in love with checks these days. Checks on plain was one good combination but ever thought of checks on checks? Don’t you think this combination of styling the identical pattern will gain the attention of all the eyes in that room? The blue print in the pink checks shirt is perfectly going hand in hand with the blue checks one, isn’t it? The oversized white vest is ideally giving contrast to the look. And pairing the shirts with our go to denim jeans along with white sneakers are concluding the look. Not to forget about the no show socks! Also to enhance the look, I am wearing one of my favourite neck piece, a pair of bracelet and a leather bag to give a casual yet chic look.

So, now when you guys are in doubt as to with what new can you come up with in your apparels, you very well know to style up this binary shirt style and you are set to rock !


Thank You for your unconditional love and support !

See you in the next post, till then “Stay Stylish” and “Be Yourself”.



Wardrobe Courtesy:

  • Olive Green Shirt : VOI JEANS
  • Denim: VOI JEANS
  • White Sneakers: DOC MARTIN SHOES
  • Oversized White Vest: Local Store of Surat
  • Blue Checked Shirt: Local Store of Surat

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