Blue over Blue – ft. Shein


Hello TSD fam, first of all a very Happy Diwali and may you have a prosperous year ahead. This
festive season had caught me up with creating a lot of content for you guys and not to forget all the
plans regarding our holidays! While talking about holidays, I thought of giving you some suggestions
regarding how to style up your airport look. When it comes to travelling, my secret mantra of styling is to make sure that my clothes are all
comfortable and casual enough. Comfortable, because you never know how long the journey is and
casual because thatโ€™s what defines my personality.

Starting from lowers, of course casual pants and tracks are way cool to slay the look but ever heard
of denims being the most comfortable amongst others? If not, then let me tell you, I decided to wear
denim for my airport look and none but the Shein Men Collection helped me pick this amazing Loose
fit Harlem Jeans. The denim material is being all smooth and the loose fit is perfectly solacing for the
travel. The fabric has no stretch and the best part is that the trendy ripped pattern and the casual
look is entirely defining my style.

While coming to the styling of shirts and t-shirts, I have tried something in order to team
up the look with my favourite denim jeans. The olive green colour is such a subtle shade and I am
wearing a tank of the same colour. Also to complement the blue denims i though to put on this dark blue casual
shirt. Of course you can wear t-shirts, but to be the odd one out you got to create your own style,
you need to get out of your comfort zone and so I have paired these two which are
thoroughly harmonizing with each other.

I am not really satisfied with my plain look and so to add up some charm to my look, I am wearing
one of my favourite wrist watch, bracelet and a locket chain round the neck. Also regarding which
bag to carry, I would recommend to get on with the duffle bags or travelling bags as they are so easy and convenient to carry while travelling.
Not to forget the most quirky part of the look, those dark red shoes which are being all comfy to
my feet and totally enhancing my Airport Look.

Hope you like this suggestion of mine on airport look ! See you in the next blog very soon ! ๐Ÿ™‚

Love You TSDFAM.


Vitrag Mehta.


In asssociation with:ย Shein Men Collection.


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